Fisherman uses broom to fight off great white shark; video

Fishermen aboard a boat from Salty Dog Charters in Australia were apparently attempting to catch a mako shark when a curious great white shark intent on taking a bite out of the motor happened upon the scene.

Captain Dan Hoey has been fishing out of Port Fairy in Victoria for over 30 years, and specializes in bluefin tuna and shark fishing. As evidenced by the fish head hanging over the side of the boat, sharks were presumably to be the catch of the day. Just not a great white shark.

After the shark cruised behind the boat and tried biting the motor, Hoey can be heard in the video cursing at the shark.

He was ready the next time the great white approached the motor, using a broom to push its head away.

"Bloody thing was not shy," Hoey wrote on Facebook. "What a big beast. I'm glad we weren't in a 10-feet tinny [aluminum boat] today!"

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The Daily Mail Australia called it "a brush with death," but it was hardly that. Hoey was simply lowering the broom on the great white shark, understandably trying to fight the beast off to save his motor.

As they are known to do, a few commenters on the Salty Dog Charters Facebook page chimed in on the encounter with these nuggets:

"Thought you were going to brush his teeth there for a minute."

"Gunna need a bigger broom."

"Quick, get the big gear and big bait out!!!"

"That is unreal."

And then from Steve Norton, who presumably was on this charter: "That was a trip I will remember for a while, Dan."

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