Fishermen go berserk over aerial show by mako shark; video

Three fishermen were returning from a day of grouper fishing when they spotted a mako shark swimming in the calm waters seven miles off Indian Rocks Beach near Tampa, Florida.

Despite not having a shark rig, they decided to try to hook it using a grouper rod and half an amberjack for bait, according to WTSP.

The mako shark took the bait and what followed was an incredible aerial show that caused the fishermen to go berserk:

"It's definitely like 'Shark Week' with them shooting out of the water," one of the fishermen told WTSP. "I've never seen a shark do that. I mean I've seen it online, I've seen it on 'Shark Week,' but I've never seen it in person."

The overexcited reaction by the fishermen had some people on social media thinking the trio might have been intoxicated, but they say they weren't.

"I think the reason was that it was so intense for us and why we're freaking out was because the shark was so big," Taylor Danowski told WTSP. "I mean it was literally 14 feet, like a 1,200-pound animal, and it's jumping 20 feet in the air right by the boat."

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Danowski elaborated with FOX 13, saying "It was honestly ridiculous to see a shark that big get that high in the air, that's why we were screaming like that. We were just really stoked. All of us have been wanting to catch a mako for a while ... Pretty insane to see a shark get that much hang time.”

Kellen Keglor told FOX 13, "It was the most incredible thing I have ever seen."

WFLA reported that the battle lasted 30 minutes before the mako shark got loose and swam off. But the memory no doubt will last a lifetime.