Fisherman catches rare footage of marlin attack

marlin attack

Marlin attack video is a screen grab

Fishermen trolling the waters off Los Suenos, Costa Rica, witnessed a rare and remarkable sight while fishing for sailfish and dorado a week ago. A blue marlin, estimated at 600 pounds, was chasing a 25-pound dorado, causing quite a stir in the water. The fish, neither of which was hooked, put on an impressive aerial display, with the huge marlin coming completely out of the water and the dorado catching big-time air.

Capt. Mark Garry aboard Fishizzle managed to capture the amazing moments on video. The slow-motion part is especially dazzling, with the most incredible leap by the fish starting at the 2:04 mark:

Back on shore, Garry showed the video of the marlin attack to several seasoned Costa Rica fishermen and none of them had ever seen anything like it.

marlin attack

Marlin attack photo is a screen grab

"Obviously neither did we," Garry wrote on his YouTube post.

So, what became of the dorado?

The fisherman doesn't know for sure, but it might have escaped using an ingenious plan for evading the attacking marlin.

"The marlin made several attempts at the dorado, and the last we saw of both of them was they passed five feet away from us [and] the dorado was on the tail of the marlin," Gary said. "I guess that's the farthest place from his bill."

Now that's a smart dorado.

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