Great white shark takes bite out of fishing boat after ‘full-on slam attack’

A fisherman attempting to catch squid for bait off Capitola, California, suddenly became targeted by an "aggressive and fired up" great white shark, which took a bite out of his boat.

"It went through all the fiberglass," fisherman Mark Davis told KSBW, pointing to the chunk taken out of his boat. "You can see the fiberglass right there. He got clear through it.

"I've had other sharks come up to the boat, smaller ones, but not a 15-footer. This thing was huge. I've never seen anything that large in the water before, and I've seen a lot of fish."

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Sean Van Sommeran of the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation in Santa Cruz told KSBW that based on the teeth marks on the boat's bow the great white shark was at least 15-feet long and weighed a ton and a half. He said shark attacks on boats do happen but are rare.

Fortunately Davis wasn't injured, but the encounter seemed to have shaken him, if nothing else.

"It was a full-on slam attack from down below," Davis said. "He came and hit the boat full speed and knocked it into the air. He wasn't fooling around, and I'm glad it didn't knock me out [of the boat] because I wouldn't have wanted to be in the water. He was aggressive and fired up."

State lifeguards didn't plan to issue a warning, saying the incident occurred a quarter mile from shore.

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