Hungry sea lion chases a fisherman and his catch; video

Two fishermen in Australia were in the process of cleaning a sizeable fish they had caught Sunday when a hungry sea lion happened onto the scene looking for an easy meal.

They were at the fish-cleaning station at Port Fairy in Queensland when the sea lion made things, well, interesting:

An amused woman videotaped the encounter showing one fisherman trying to shoo the sea lion away by spraying it with a hose. That didn't work as the sea lion raced around the cleaning table and chased the other fisherman, who was dragging the fish away.

The fisherman paused and laid the fish on the grass whereupon the sea lion approached again. The last thing we see is the fisherman pulling part of the fish away from the fillet, giving the sea lion an opportunity to nab the fish.

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So, did the sea lion get its free meal? Apparently not.

The Daily Mail Australia reported that the fishermen eventually managed to scare away the sea lion and saved their catch.

Apparently this was a sea lion that has caused trouble before. In January it was reported that it has been "aggressively taking fish from anglers around the fish cleaning facility at Port Fairy."

Not this time, however.