Lightning strikes twice for fisherman in against-all-odds catch

When Ferdinand Lindmayer of Germany landed a 140-pound swordfish with a tag in it, he had no idea about the significance of the catch and wouldn't for a couple of weeks.

Lindmayer was fishing with Capt. Adam Peeples of One Shot Fishing Charters off Destin, Florida, when he battled the swordfish for two hours before it was boated, as reported by Sport Fishing.

Peeples commented on Facebook that it was "one of the best fights out of swordfish I have seen, especially for his size" and that "this is the first tagged swordfish I have ever seen."

Ferdinand Lindmayer had no idea he had caught the same swordfish he landed and tagged three years before. Photo: Courtesy of One Shot Fishing Charters

"It definitely made it even more special," Peeples added, though he really didn't know how much more special this swordfish was because of who caught the fish when it was tagged.

It was Lindmayer. He first landed the swordfish on April 19, 2014 while fishing with Capt. Tim Kline of Recess Fishing Charters. It was 30 pounds when it was tagged.

Lindmayer recaptured the same swordfish on May 30, 2017 in nearly the exact location, as confirmed in a letter from the NOAA Fisheries Southeast Cooperative Tagging Center about the tag.

"We hooked him within 100 yards of where he was caught as a pup," Peeples told GrindTV in an email. "I have never heard of a recapture like this. It's pretty unbelievable!"

Peeples sent GrindTV a photo of the letter sent by NOAA Fisheries detailing the tag number and coordinates of the catch.

The letter showing the location where the tagged fish was first caught and recaptured. Photo: Courtesy of One Shot Fishing Charters

"I would think the odds of this happening would be incredible for many reasons," Peeples told GrindTV. "There are very few people tagging swords in the Gulf of Mexico, with myself and Tim being two of the probably five-six captains that tag. Swordfish are highly migratory species. It would be cool to know where all that fish travelled before he came back to that area.

"It's the only recapture of a tagged swordfish in the Gulf of Mexico I have ever heard of."

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