Man that pulled shark onto beach and posed for photos is vilified; video

Man pulls blacktip shark onto beach and poses for photos, sparking an outcry online.

Man pulls blacktip shark onto beach and poses for photos, sparking an outcry online.

On the heels of the death of a baby Franciscana dolphin that was plucked from the surf in Argentina and passed around for purposes of selfies comes a video of a man pulling a blacktip shark onto the beach for photos, sparking online outrage.

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The Discovery News wrote, “Here we go again: Shark dragged from surf for selfie.”

Even the reporter, WPTV's Ashleigh Walters who captured the video, took some heat for simply posting the video to her Facebook page.

The scenario here — fishermen apparently trying to get a photo of their catch — isn't quite the same as the one in Argentina but that isn't likely to placate animal rights supporters.

Here is the video Walters posted on Facebook, simply calling it “Shark capture, release on Palm Beach”:

What happens in the video is a fisherman legally catches a blacktip shark in the surf in Palm Beach, Florida, according to Bradenton Patch. Either the fisherman handed off the fishing rod to a friend and went to pull the shark onto the beach, or the fisherman's friends pulled it onto the beach for photos.

At first, they are pulling on the fishing line until a man in shorts goes into the water to grab its tail and subdues the shark at the edge of the surf. Several people line up to get photos.

The comments on Walters' Facebook page came fast and furious:

Maria Palmer: “IDIOTS!!!!!”

Jodie Sparks: “Maybe you [the reporter] should have stopped him rather than filming.”

Ana NG: “Stupid people everywhere!!!!”

Теодор Коцев‪: “This man deserves to be hanged on a hook and placed over the sea water for sharks to eat him piece by piece.”

Ivan Castellucci: “I hope a shark capture him to take a picture under the sea.”

The shark was eventually pulled back into the water and swam away, according to Walters. Sadly, that wasn't the case of the baby dolphin in Argentina.

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