Passion of Donald Trump Jr. is put on full display as he fights shark; video

A worldwide audience tuning into a live stream on YouTube last weekend captured a glimpse of Donald Trump Jr. enjoying a passion instilled in him by his grandfather: the sport of fishing.

For the first time, the son of the president caught a shark from the beach while fishing with the reputable Joshua Jorgensen, whose online BlacktipH Fishing show enjoys nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube.

As he reeled in an 80-pound blacktip shark from the surf in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump revealed how he got started in fishing and how much of it he does these days.

"For me growing up, it's stuff I did with my grandfather," he told Jorgensen. "It probably kept me out of a lot of other trouble I would have gotten into. It's always good to get out and get my kids out."

Joining him on this day were his sons Donnie and Spencer.

"This is what happens when momma lets the boys loose in Florida for a few days," Trump wrote on Instagram.

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Asked how often he fishes, Trump answered, "Whenever I can."

"These days I'm more of a weekend warrior, but I fish pretty much every weekend all summer, mostly trout because I've got a cabin in the Catskills," Trump related in the video. "I do it all. Whenever I can get out."

Besides surf fishing, Trump took his sons bass fishing over the weekend, too. He told Jorgensen he caught a 5-pound bass.

But the most successful fishing trip of the weekend was no doubt the one he took with BlacktipH Fishing, calling it an "insane day on the water."

"The fishing was amazing, we were getting non-stop bites for hours," Jorgensen told GrindTV on Friday. "Donald and his sons were catching bluefish and jacks almost every cast."

Included in the catch were six blacktip sharks, all of which were released.

"When we hooked the second blacktip shark, a massive hammerhead shark attacked the blacktip shark," Jorgensen told GrindTV. "The blacktip managed to get away from the hammerhead. When we hooked our third shark, the same hammerhead tried to eat it again. It was amazing! I’ve never seen this happen twice in one day."

Unfortunately there is no footage of the hammerhead trying to steal Trump’s catch, but there is plenty of him reeling in and then releasing a blacktip shark that apparently didn’t have to elude the hammerhead:

h/t Palm Beach Post