Photojournalist captures underwater footage of a 660-pound mako shark attacking a marlin

from Alistair McGlashan facebook page

While marlin fishing out of Port Stephens, Australia, photojournalist Alistair McGlashan took the opportunity to jump into the water to photograph and videotape a marlin his crew had just brought to the boat. After getting the underwater footage, McGlashan felt a "swoosh" just as his team was about to release the fish. Suddenly, a 660-pound mako shark came into the picture, attacking the marlin. We pick up McGlashan's narrative at the 1:15 mark, after he jumped into the water:

"I've fished all my life and put in 200-plus days a year [on the water]. I get to see some amazing things, but the standout feature, the one thing that was most amazing and without a doubt the most scary, was swimming with a 330-kilo [660-pound] mako shark," McGlashan says in the introduction of his YouTube video report on Al McGlashan's Big Fish, Small Boats, where the entire story can be seen.

As it was, the mako shark seemed much more interested in eating the marlin than McGlashan, who called it a "once in a lifetime encounter!"

Photo is from Al McGlashan’s Facebook page