Shark explodes on fish hooked by fisherman, thanks to deckhand’s gaffe; video

A fisherman battling a decent-sized game fish, presumably a tuna, got the fish to the boat where it was well within range for the deckhand to gaff. In fact, the deckhand did gaff the fish momentarily, but it fell off an instant later.

It was not a good showing by the deckhand.

But as it turned out, his gaffe was bad news, good news.

Bad because the angler lost the fish and was forced to continue battling, but good because of the memorable moment created seconds later when a huge shark exploded on the fish, much to the delight of the fishermen.

The fish was lost to the shark, but the fishermen didn't care. Their reactions clearly indicated they were in awe of the scene that unfolded in front of them.

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The incident occurred somewhere off Australia, according to the Daily Mail Australia. The unidentified fisherman with his fishing rod bent nearly in half was concentrating on reeling in the fish as his buddy videotaped.

When the deckhand caused the fish to bleed after failing to firmly gaff it, the man with the camera became prophetic, saying "Oh, he's a bleeder. Here comes the sharks. Don't farm [read: lose] that, Leslie. That's shark bait right now."

Little did he know seconds later a shark would devour the fish the next time the angler got it near the boat.

"Certain species of shark have a high sensitivity to blood, and can detect even small amounts from great distances," the Daily Mail wrote.

"Great white sharks can sense a single drop of blood in as much as 100 liters of water, and can detect it from up to three miles away, according to National Geographic."

The shark species in this case was undetermined, but it was certainly an opportunistic shark, which probably happened to be close by.

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