Water explodes under pier when huge shark attacks smaller shark; video

A fisherman on the Jacksonville Beach Pier hooked a small shark and brought it to the surface where it soon became evident it was going to be bait for a much larger shark.

Darrell Ruger was on the pier when he noticed a commotion in the corner of the pier and began filming. A pier fisherman was battling what was being described as a 2-foot shark.

"Look, look, there goes a bigger shark," someone said in the video.

"He's going to eat that little shark," another said.

Then the water exploded as the bigger shark attacked the smaller shark. The pier fishermen erupted with excitement, and the fisherman suddenly had a real fight on his hands.

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"Fish on!" someone said.

"You can land that fish," another said.

But there was no chance of that. Ruger told News4Jax the fisherman battled the huge shark for 45 minutes until the line broke. He had been trying to get as much line back as possible, but there was no stopping the shark.

On Ruger's long version of the video posted on Facebook, there are all sorts of guesses as to the size of the huge shark, from 10-footer to 12-footer to 300 pounds. The news station reported the bigger shark was a lemon shark.

Whatever its size and species, it was definitely cause for excitement.

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