10 ‘everyday carry’ products to add to your outdoor kit

This story was originally published on OFFGRID. Words by Citizen Goods.

There’s plenty we can’t prepare for. And then there’s stuff you can control, like these unique everyday-carry (EDC) goods.

Heavy-duty lightweight bottle opener

You always gotta be able to get that beer open. Photo: Citizen Goods/OFFGRID

This Pry.Me Bottle Opener ($11) is the smallest bottle opener in the world and goes on your key ring without cluttering your pocket. It can hold up to 164,000 times its own weight, just in case you’re planning on popping the biggest beer bottle in the world.

Rugged carabiner keychain

A necessary tool in the backcountry. Photo: Citizen Goods/OFFGRID

Imagine you could fit an emergency 4.9-foot-long paracord, fire-starter flint and steel, and military-grade carabiner all on your keychain. Well, you just imagined the Bomber Carabiner Paracord Keychain ($19).

A backup file-sharing solution

You always need to be able to share those files. Photo: Citizen Goods/OFFGRID

If you have multiple devices, it can be annoying to transfer files quickly from one to another. This iKlips Wizard Storage Expanding Card Reader ($59) fixes all of that, transmitting two ways while giving your devices a charge to boot.

Solar-powered external battery

Solar is the way to go. Photo: Citizen Goods/OFFGRID

The SolarJuice 26,800mAh External Solar Battery ($47) keeps your devices at 100 percent. It uses solar power (and also a charger) to fill its massive battery, charging a smartphone multiple times over and powering its built-in flashlight.

Magnetic Bluetooth-powered earbuds

Yep, they’re magnetic. Photo: Citizen Goods/OFFGRID

FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds ($30) are sweat-resistant and water-resistant. The earbuds automatically pair to your phone when pulled apart and last for six hours on a single charge.

Solution to jangling keys

You’ll be ever so stealth without jangling keys. Photo: Citizen Goods/OFFGRID

End the incessant jangling of your keys with this Orbitkey 2.0 with Multitool ($35), made of tightly woven water-resistant canvas and coupled with leather reinforcement. It stylishly bands two to seven keys together and includes a bottle opener, multi-size hex wrench, box cutter, flathead screwdriver and file.

Rugged everyday watch

Always rugged, but looks so good. Photo: Citizen Goods/OFFGRID

These Breed Raylan men’s watches ($70) combine the elegant look of a classic watch with the utilitarianism you’d expect from an everyday watch. Made out of 316L surgical-quality stainless steel, it’s water resistant at up to 5ATM.

RFID-blocking, functional wallet

Added security against shady thieves. Photo: Citizen Goods/OFFGRID

Most wallets slowly become a hoarder’s paradise, but not this HuMn Aluminum RFID-Blocking Mini Wallet ($30). Made out of sleek and durable premium aircraft-grade aluminum, you can neatly fit six cards with room to spare. Plus, there’s RFID-blocking technology built in, so you have an extra security measure against thieves.

Quick-release keychain flashlight

It’s gotta be quick release. Photo: Citizen Goods/OFFGRID

Get lots of light in a small package with this Beta-QR Quick Release Keychain Flashlight ($53). The state-of-the-art LED is designed to work with the human visual system to give maximum color accuracy.

Extra-tough charging cables

Being ultra-durable is the ticket. Photo: Citizen Goods/OFFGRID

The ultra-practical, ultra-durable Nomad Ultra-Rugged Charging Cables ($30) are some of the best you can buy. Engineered with braided ballistic military-grade nylon, double-thick protective PVC jacket, extra-thick wire gauge and robust Kevlar core, there’s nothing these cables can’t take.

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