’17 Summer Gear Guide: The Best in Fitness

Our editors curated and personally tested some of the most exciting, innovative, stylish and just plain fun products that Summer 2017 has to offer. Here are our top picks for fitness.

Betty Designs Fly Power Sock ($20)

Photo: Betty Designs

Why we chose it: Betty Designs is known for their eye-catching prints, and we wanted to test the the power of their standout sock.

Why we liked it: We can’t deny our love of a fun print – on top of that, the Fly Power Sock is a quality compression sock with a tight fit.

Tester Tip: Compression socks are your best bet when traveling by air: they help blood flow, decreasing your chances of swollen feet and ankles.

Ethika Micromesh ($28) & Subzero ($32) underwear

Photo: Ethika

Why we chose it: We were looking for the ultimate performance first layer for our ever-active lifestyle. We needed something that would breathe, support and remain unobtrusive.

Why we liked it: The Subzero was the perfect first layer for hitting the skate park. With 85-percent cooling polyester (which is claimed to be capable of lowering body temperature 3-5 degrees), it kept us cool and comfortable the entire session, and never bunched up or got in the way. The Micromesh style was the perfect middle ground between performance and every day use. Micro perforations in the material provided optimal airflow for natural cooling.

Tester Tip: After using the Subzero and Micromesh exclusively for a couple of days, we found that these outmatched any of the other first layers we had in our closet. So you’ll likely want to stock up. Your old drawers just won’t compare.

Hurley Phantom Compression Long Sleeve ($150)

Photo: Hurley

Why we chose it:
Workout gear matters, on and off land. The Phantom Compression is built for water workouts.

Why we liked it: The Phantom Compression has 100+ UPF, so you definitely won't get burned, and its compression fit gives you the support in the muscle groups you want if you're staying out for a prolonged session.

Tester Tip: It's a compression shirt, so there’s no getting around it, it runs tight.

Kozm Warrior Too Yoga Shorts ($68)

Photo: Kozm

Why we chose them: Brand-new men’s yoga brand Kozm was founded by Troy Eckert, who served as Volcom’s marketing director (and first team rider/employee) for 20 years. Now interested in yoga, we wanted to see what Eckert had up his sleeve.

Why we liked them: Because the Warrior Too shorts are simple. They have a sturdy construction, and look good outside of a yoga studio.

Tester Tip: The Warrior Toos are form fitting, so it might not be a bad idea to make sure you also have some lightweight compression shorts underneath.

Prana Misty Capri ($69)

Photo: prAna

Why we chose them: prAna is a brand that bridges yoga and the outdoor lifestyle, and that mix is right up our alley.

Why we liked them: The Misty Capri's compression fabric hugs all the right places, making for a fit that will flatter any body type. The leggings offer enough stretch for a rigorous yoga session, but also stay put during an aggressive run.

Tester Tip: The Misty Capris are the perfect choice for summer sunrise or sunset workout sessions – when the air starts to cool off – but we found the fabric a bit too toasty for a sweaty bikram session.

Tantris Anyday Halter Crop Top ($48)

Photo: Tantris

Why we chose it: In the summer it’s hot enough that you wanting to be wearing as little as possible, but the sports-bra-only look isn’t always appropriate.

Why we liked it: The Anyday Halter provides a cute and flattering cut but still packs in the performance material you need when breaking a sweat.

Tester Tip: New to the crop top game? Pair it with some high-rise yoga pants and you’ll be showing a little skin – but not too much.

Zen Fuego Yoga Towel ($44)

Photo: Zen Fuego

Why we chose it: It's not only inconvenient to practice on a sweaty yoga mat, it can be outright dangerous. Grip is key to making it through a rigorous session without wiping out.

Why we liked it: Zen Fuego's entire collection of yoga towels includes some of the coolest designs we've seen in the yoga studio, including wavescapes and limited-edition artist renderings.

Tester Tip: You must wash this towel before using. Spray with water before each use. The more damp the towel gets, the better the grip.

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