’17 Summer Gear Guide: The Best in Men’s Sunglasses

Our editors curated and personally tested some of the most exciting, innovative, stylish or just plain fun products that Summer 2017 has to offer. Here are our top picks for sunglasses.

CHPO Rumi Skateistan Collaboration ($39)

Photo: CHPO

Why we chose it: They’re made for “sunny days and hungover afternoons.” How could we resist?

Why we liked it: The Rumi sunglasses not only look good, but 100% of the proceeds go to the Skateistan organization, which works to use skateboarding as education and youth empowerment. Can’t get much better than that.

Tester Tip: Check out the story behind CHPO – a brand that takes a stand against bigotry and discrimination.

D’Blanc Guilty Pleasure ($160)

Photo: D’Blanc

Why we chose them: Every summer beachgoer needs a pair of tortoise sunglass that can be worn in the heat of the day and at the local watering hole.

Why we liked them: The Guilty Pleasure are a classic style with modern comfort.

Tester Tip: If you're looking for more of a feminine colorway, the Guilty Pleasure come in a Prosecco Tort/Gradient. A cool color with a touch of flair.

Otis Crossroads ($230)

Photo: Smith

Why we chose them: There’s nothing worse than a gigantic scratch right across the lens of your favorite sunglasses. So we were curious about Otis’ scratch-resistant mineral glass lenses. With our active lifestyle, it’s important to have shades that can handle some bumps and bruises.

Why we liked them: The scratch-resistant claim is absolutely true. The mineral glass lenses are distortion-free, super clear and feel so much better than plastic (slightly heavier, but in a high-quality type of way). The polarized lenses also made staring out at the ocean easy on the eyes.

Tester Tip: No need to test the scratch-resistant claim yourself. Just take our word for it. We’ve tossed ours around in the sand, in car trunks, all over the office, and not a scuff to be found.

SPY Hunt Polarized Sunglasses ($160)

Photo: SPY

Why we chose them: The sun is out, and throwing on polarized shades to protect your peepers is every bit as important as slathering on sunscreen to protect your skin.

Why we liked it: The HUNT sunglasses are incredibly light, and the non-slip rubber insets in the frame make sure they always fit snug on your face.

Tester tip: While the sunglasses fit snug, you'll still want to invest in an eyeglass retainer. You wouldn't want your $160 glasses falling off during a run, would you?

Smith Drake sunglasses ($219)

Photo: Smith

Why we chose them: Smith’s reputation for quality eyewear is one of the best.

Why we liked them: The lightweight frames were as comfortable as it gets. The Polarized ChromaPop lenses kept our eyes feeling good all day long in the sun, and the color and clarity they provided were top notch. And it didn’t hurt that they just look really good.

Tester Tip: Utilize the included hard case when traveling. It’s high quality and will keep your frames and lenses in perfect shape on your journey.

RAEN Gilman Sunglasses ($150)

Photo: RAEN

Why we chose them: A classic frame that is designed for round and oval faces and that will never go out of style.

Why we liked them: Their feel. The Gilmans were light without sacrificing design and function.

Tester Tip: This pair looks good on both men and women. Check out the Brindle Tortoise colorway.

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