’17 Summer Gear Guide: The Best in Women’s Swim

Our editors curated and personally tested some of the most exciting, innovative, stylish and just plain fun products that Summer 2017 has to offer. Here are our top picks for women’s swim.

Lira Limitless One Piece ($66)

Photo: Lira

Why we chose it: For the last three summers, we've seen a recurring trend: bathing suits being worn more and more often out of the waves. The Lira one piece made the cut.

Why we liked it: It stays put in the water, and has a 10/10 comfort level. The best part? Adjustable straps.

Tester Tip: You can transition the Lira one piece from a day at the beach to a night at the bar in a couple easy steps: just bring a pair of pants or a skirt, and you’re all set.

Tavik Alcamy top ($86) and Byrdie bottom ($64)

Photo: Tavik

Why we chose it: The style. The design. We’re suckers for a good-looking bathing suit that can perform just as well.

Why we liked it: Comfort and unique design meet in the Alcamy top, and the Byrdie bottoms are seamless and snug.

Tester Tip: Tavik’s suits can run a bit small, so if you’re in between sizes, we recommend sizing up just in case.

Nüera Kawana top ($80) and Mekka bottom ($80)

Photo: Nuera

Why we chose it: Nüera, you may have changed the game with your handmade, neoprene suits. The fabric: SO SOFT. The fit: perfect. And the fact that they're made a stone's throw from GrindTV's headquarters? Priceless.

Why we liked it: The thing with neoprene bikinis is that you never know what you're going to get. Will it be the type of fabric that is so compressive, so soul-crushing that you debate the alternative comfort levels of a traditional corset, or is it the type of suit that has you wondering if you could even take it out for a quick swim without the whole thing falling apart, let alone a surf?

Luckily for you water lovers, if you're looking for something substantial and sexy at the same time, look no further than Nüera.

Tester Tip: If you're going to spring for a neoprene bikini this season, we suggest Nuera’s entire line.

Patagonia Mamala top ($65) and reversible Cutback bottoms ($59)

Photo: Patagonia

Why we chose it: Reversible and versatile? Count us in. The experts at Patagonia have you covered.

Why we liked it: Plenty of color duos mean you'll never be bored, and Patagonia has been in the game long enough to know how to craft a suit that really lasts. Looking for a safe bet this summer? You know where to go. Not only does this suit look good – it does good as well. Made from recycled materials and being Fair Trade Certified means you’ll be making a difference next time you jump in the water.

Tester Tip: The fabric is very thin on this set, so if you're okay with minimal coverage, this suit still ranks at the top of your list.

Roxy Strappy Love one piece ($78)

Photo: Roxy

Why we chose it: From lounging at a backyard hangout to swimming the deep blue seas, Roxy has you covered for whatever summer throws your way.

Why we liked it: Have a quick trip on the books where you have to pack super light? We recommend this one piece. It's versatile to go from the beach to brunch and back again, and it may just turn into your go-to LBB (little black bikini).

Tester Tip: If you're going to be relaxing as well as playing, be aware of the minimal coverage on top for this one-piece; it may not be the most conducive choice for your volleyball serve, but your tan lines will be on point.

Mi Ola Reversible Wrap Top ($95) and Double String Bottom ($85)

Photo: Mi Ola

Why we chose it: The founder of Mi Ola had one thing in mind when she started her brand: performance swimwear that was still sexy. There's a hole in the market that proclaims that sexy suits cannot stay put, and that function doesn't play nice with fashion. Mi Ola was created to bridge that gap.

Why we liked it: Grippy lining means bottoms are staying put, no matter what. Tops are chic and true to size, without super long strings in the back that threaten to come undone at the drop of a pin.

Tester Tip: Our only regret with this suit? That we couldn't justify wearing it all the time.

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