5 camp coffees that taste even better by the fire

Is there anything that tastes better than a hot cuppa joe in the morning? No, there isn’t. (Sorry, bacon.)

Coffee, can't live without it. Photo: Johnie Gall

Coffee: Can’t live without it. Photo: Johnie Gall

And we can say that definitively, after taste testing some of the best and boldest brews out there — the ones formulated specifically to complement the smell of a campfire and the cold air of the forest. At least that’s what we like to believe.

This is one of many things that are just better by the campfire. Photo: Courtesy of Tim Wright/Unsplash

This is one of many things that are just better by the campfire. Photo: Courtesy of Tim Wright/Unsplash

Kind Coffee Longs Peak Blend ($14.96/16 oz.)

If you’ve ever tackled Longs Peak in Colorado, chances are you’ve stumbled wearily into Estes Park in search of sustenance and found yourself inside the walls of Kind Coffee. Give yourself some flashbacks (good or bad) with the roaster’s house coffee and best-seller.

Kind Coffee’s Longs Peak blend has a mild acidity and smooth taste, but it’s strong enough to make you want to lace up for another 14er.

Four Barrel 4BxHB Friendo ($7/8 oz.)

coffee4b Four Barrel Coffee makes some of the finest roasts in San Francisco. Huckberry curates some of the finest gentlemen’s outdoor gear from their San Francisco headquarters. They shook hands and came up with a blend that sources beans from third-generation millworkers in Latin America, Indonesia and East Africa.

The 4BxHB Friendo blend tastes like a magical combination of molasses, huckleberry, fruit and honey, and we call that a match made in heaven (or at least San Francisco).

TOMS Guatemala Roast ($12.99/12 oz.)

10005799-Coffee_Guatemala_Whole_F1-1450x1015 Granted, most of us probably have a pair of TOMS shoes with worn-out soles from some point in our lives, but if you haven’t tried the company’s coffee, you’re seriously missing out. Following the same business model that made them famous (one for one), the sale of each bag provides 140 liters of safe drinking water to a person in need.

And you’ll wind up helping quite a few people once you get hooked on TOMS’ Guatemala Roast, which somehow blends tangy citrus and bittersweet chocolate and still feels appropriate by the fire.

Stoked Roasters First Tracks ($15.50/12 oz.)

bag-firsttracksWhen it’s going to be one of those cold, brutal, up-at-two-in-the-morning days on the mountain, this is your jam. Stoked Roasters’ First Tracks Dark Roast is a rich, bold blend roasted in Hood River, Oregon, where people know the meaning of playing outdoors — no matter the weather. Like they say, “Bragging rights start here.”

Stumptown Hair Bender ($15/12 oz.)

hairbender copy “When you die and go to heaven, all the diners serve Hair Bender,” says Stumptown’s website. They can toot their own horns all they want, but we demand a coffee worth all the noise — which they just so happen to deliver with their most popular blend. Named for the first Stumptown location, in an old beauty parlor, Hair Bender is also their original blend of cherry, toffee and fudge. They even offer some instructions for using all types of brewing devices at camp.
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