The Anon Endure helmet keeps your melon looking good

Anon Endure Helmet

The Anon Endure provides all the protection you’l ever need, with a minimalist design. Photo: Anon

If you, like me, don’t enjoy looking like a cartoon caricature on the mountain, but also aren’t fond of traumatic brain injuries, the Anon Endure ($179) helmet might be the right choice for you.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, up until last year’s ski season I, like an idiot, had never worn a helmet. It wasn’t until the Ski Tracks app told me I was hitting 60+ mph on a run last season that I finally relented to my father’s pleas and got a bucket to protect my melon.

And although I was jazzed to no longer have to worry about losing an edge and turning my brain into banana pudding there was just one problem: I have huge head. As in, you could land a 747 on my forehead. While I like to joke that all that room in my cranium leaves extra space for intelligence (spoiler alert: it doesn’t), it left me looking like Marvin the Martian in most any helmet I tried on.

I had essentially accepted my fate as an alpine bobblehead until coming across the Anon Endure helmet.

Anon Endure Helmet 2015 GTV Gift Guide

Those yellow pads are filled with G-Form’s RPT tech, meaning they intelligently react to the severity of your fall. Photo: Anon

With its minimalist design, the Endure keeps you looking good (regardless of your hat size) while providing the protection you need.

It’s Flex-Shell construction gives the helmet some bend, allowing it to last longer and dissipate more impact across the body of the helmet while still remaining minimal in profile. And the inclusion of G-Form’s Rapid Protection Technology allows the padding to remain soft while still providing the support you need for the most intense falls.

Still, despite my new love affair with the Endure, it has its flaws. With its simple profile, it doesn’t always offer as much in the way of protection from the elements as skiers and snowboarders in the colder winter regions might hope for. You’ll definitely need a trusty gator or face mask if frost bite or windburn is a major concern for you, but ultimately, given its performance and appearance, the Endure is well worth it.

The Anon Endure ($179) helmet

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