The best crowdfunded gear of 2015

Scan through crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter and get ready for the feels ranging from "I NEED that" to "Why didn't I think of that?" with a healthy dose of "What were they thinking?"

Thankfully, there's plenty of good stuff to be had. And we're glad that in 2015, many cool ideas were funded.

Here's a list of some of our favorite crowdfunded gear, in no particular order.

Hot Tub in a Hammock

What it is: Hydrohammock is exactly what it sounds like: a H20-enhance hammock.

Made from synthetic high-tensile-strength fabric designed to hold the weight of 50 gallons of water plus two adults, while strung above the ground, the Hydrohammock and makers claim it’s more eco-friendly than traditional hot tubs.

Why we dig it: Because it’s practically a portable hot spring. Who needs God/geology when you have technology?

Success of campaign: Fully funded.

A standing desk for surfers, skaters, snowboarders

What it is: An addition to your standing desk that keeps you moving and your body slightly active during the day. No quite as challenging as a balance board, the Level keeps you moving while your stationary.

Why we dig it: It makes working suck less. Although we like standing desks, this makes standing desks almost, emphasis on “almost,” fun.

Success of campaign: 805% funded.

Bike Balls

What it is: An LED module protected by a translucent, scrotal silicone shell that glows. The PG-13 rear light for your bike will help make sure you're seen while pedaling, while being just a tiny bit obscene.

Why we dig it: Because they’re funny, silly and might inspire younger cyclists (who are often seen riding sans lights) to use some illumination.

Success of campaign: Fully funded and then some. They shipped last month. Want to grab a pair? They’re now available for $17.

Lumenus Smart Cycling Gear

What it is: Being seen is a huge concern for cyclists. While most companies use bright colors and/or a combination of reflective technology, Lumenus utilizes integrated LED lights. And that’s just the beginning.

Why we dig it: Because it’s cycling’s first smart jacket. Integrating with Google maps Lumenus offers cyclists turn by turn directions as well as automatic brake lights and blinkers so other road users know what you’re doing.

Success of campaign: TBD, but it looks like it will be funded. As of deadline, they were at almost 90% of goal with 20 days remaining.

A skateboard motor by Mellow

What it is: A motor that fits on most boards, ranging from longboards to to more traditional decks.

Why we dig it: Because electric skateboards, like Boosted are really fun, we love being able to choose the board we add the mountable drive to.

Success of campaign: Funded. Recently, Mellow released their final design. They’re also taking pre-orders now.

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