This is the collapsible water bottle you didn’t know you needed

hydrapak stash

The Hydrapak Stash has soft walls that twist together, allowing you to collapse your empty bottle. Photo: Johnie Gall

We need water to survive. What we don't need are the bulky, backpack-real-estate-stealing bottles we usually carry said water in. Enter the Hydrapak Stash, a collapsible, soft-walled water bottle that folds up flat—so you can fill it up when you need it and stash it almost anywhere when you're done.

Hydrapak Stash

The Hydrapak Stash folds up to the size of a small disk. Photo: Johnie Gall

Unlike other space-saving water bottles, the BPA-free Hydrapak Stash doesn't sag and flop around. Instead, you can stand it up on most surfaces thanks to a sturdy plastic bottom and screw-cap top.

The Hydrapak Stask

Unlike other collapsible bottles, the Hydrapak Stash stands on its own. Photo: Johnie Gall

When the Stash is empty, the soft walls of the bottle twist and allow the top and bottom snap together to create a small, flat disk you can simply slip into your pocket until you're ready to fill it again. The Stash retails for $23 and is dishwasher safe, durable, and — bonus points — could probably double as a Frisbee if you're really bored at camp.

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