An all-terrain carry-on is the most funded luggage campaign in Kickstarter history

Raising over $3.3 million, G-RO is the most funded luggage campaign to ever go down in Kickstarter history.

With initial expectations of raising $125,000, Travel-Light, the company backing the G-RO carry-on suitcase, wracked in some heavy funding after launching their Kickstarter campaign in October, which far exceeded expectations.

G-RO kickstarter

The all-terrain carry-on suitcase, G-RO, is built for all types of conditions. Photo: G-RO

Inspired by a challenging trip to Finland, the co-founder of Travel-Light, Netta Shalgi, took it upon himself to design a piece of luggage that could excel in all types of terrain and weather conditions.

The suitcase is packed with some heavy-duty equipment. To name a few perks, the all-terrain wheels are made from the same polymer as Glock handguns, which means they’re both lightweight and large, without needing an axel. Customers will also be happy to find that the outer wheel placement on the G-RO allows for more packing space.

While you may have missed the initial hype, you can still grab the G-RO on pre-order.

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