Spring/Summer Gear Guide: Mammut Comfort Tour Mid GTX Surround

Mammut Gear Guide

The Mammut Comfort Tour Mid GTX live up to their title. Photo: Ellen Wright

Footwear is the type of product that you don’t really notice, unless it epically fails.

Just imagine being two miles into a hike only to feel blisters beginning to form.

You’ll feel pain every single step for the rest of your day. Your feet will be ginger for days to follow, which is pretty awful if you’re on a multi-day trek.

With this in mind, Mammut created the Comfort Tour GTX ($189) series. I tried out the mid-rise boot, which is great for day hikes or long backpacking trips.

The shoe-designers thought of everything. The Gripex comfort sonar sole ensures you won’t slip, going uphill or downhill, regardless of the grade.

During one summer day hike, I felt like a mountain goat with the amount of grip I got going uphill on a hike near the beach.

Mammut Comfort Tour

The mid-rise Comfort Tour provides lots of comfort and water-proof protection. Photo: Courtesy of Mammut

I did a hike that I normally do in running shoes and was blown away with the amount of grip the Mammut boots provided.

There was one stretch in particular that I normally have to crouch down low to pass without falling, not so in the Comfort Tour boots.

They felt sturdy on the slippery rock and I never once lost my footing. The boots are also extremely comfortable, as the name implies.

They’re really well padded, even in the tongue. As someone with a really high arch, I occasionally have a hard time finding comfortable boots and shoes that don’t pinch the top of my feet.

The boots felt soft and easy to walk in, not at all pinching.

Another feature I enjoyed in the boot was the lacing system. The hooks allow you to adjust the tightness of the laces making for a really snug fit.

These boots are definitely going to accompany me on summer backpacking trips, especially in the eastern Sierra where weather tends to be a bit more unpredictable than sunny San Diego.

Thanks to the Gore-Tex surround technology, they’re weather- and water- proof.

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