Gear News: RVCA debuts new ‘Commuter Series’ travel bags

Without the right gear, traveling can be anything from a small nuisance to nearly impossible.

The RVCA Commuter Series. Photo: RVCA

In the pursuit of the perfect travel bag, RVCA has announced its Commuter Series, a collection of four bags that include a backpack, duffel, tote and briefcase to get you from Point A to B in style.

he Pakit Up backpack features a side entry laptop compartment, padded lumbar support, and an internal organizer. Photo: RVCA

As stated in the brand’s announcement, the Commuter Series is “a collection of backpacks and bags designed for those on the go. Dedicated pockets and organizers keep all your goods organized while rugged reflective panels wrap the outside to keep you visible during evening travels.”

The RVCA Commuter Briefcase retails for $65. Photo: RVCA

Those of us that travel consistently know the value of a bag that can hold all of our things … and do it well. You don’t want to be scrambling with your bag in line at the airport – no one likes to be that person.

In the Commuter Series — with bags that feature everything from padded lumbar support to shoe and laundry compartments — form meets function, with thoughtful details that aid travel, as well as a sleek look that will make you want to take them everywhere.

The Commuter Duffel features a shoe and laundry compartment, removable shoulder strap, and skate straps on the bottom of the bag. Photo: RVCA

The bags retail between $60-$85 depending on the style, and are now available online.

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