Giro Field women’s goggles widen your view

Giro Field goggles

Delicate, yet sturdy: It’s all you ever wanted in a women’s-specific goggle. Photo: Giro

Goggles are one of those things I feel like I don’t need to replace every season, so long as the lenses are not scratched to hell and the fog factor remains in the range of nonexistent to manageable. (I mean, my most recent pair, for better or for worse, I’ve had for more than 10 years, easy.)

Once the foam starts to pack down, though, or a tiny, sneaky little hole appears in the ventilation up top, it’s time to throw down for some new peeper protectors.

The Giro Field women’s goggles are gonna do the trick nicely for me, no doubt. This semi-frameless model is lightweight and designed for a female’s smaller features, so it hugs my face equally without, say, pinching my nostrils together. The Expansion View (EXV) technology means increased peripheral vision (less mid-ride swivel head) thanks to a sizable spherical Zeiss lens, and it’s helmet compatible. (Not only with Giro’s line, either: It fits perfectly with my Smith Pointe — no gaper gap here.)

When it comes to lens tint, rolling with the Amber Pink option means a typical day of sunshine alternating with some cloud cover means you don’t need to bring a spare lens to pop in when the weather turns a little overcast. The Anti-Fog coating is a boon for those deep days when you start to overheat on your run, then steam your face up riding back up the chair.

It’s the perfect goggle for some Southern California shredding.

Giro Field women’s-specific goggles ($150)

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