GoPro to launch drone in 2016

Earlier this month, GoPro announced it will be launching a self-piloting drone called Karma in 2016.

More details have yet to be announced, but GoPro fans can enter to win a prize package, including Karma and a GoPro prize package, which is valued at $2,000.

A few months ago, GoPro purchased Kolar, which is developing a platform to stitch together 360-degree videos.

According to TechCrunch, immersive videos are the next big thing to hit the market.

“Immersive video without any camera/drone movement allows you to benefit immediately from a panoramic and 360-degree spherical view to offer interactive exploration directly inside the image, to see the real world in your VR gear,” TechCrunch author Patrice Lelaisant wrote.

GoPro Karma

More details for Karma are not yet available, although GoPro recently bought a few innovative drone companies like Skybotix. A still from the announcement video shows what will be possible with the new technology.

GoPro also purchased Skybotix, which is working on autonomous drone technology.

Imagining a pilot-free drone that offers 360-degree views will change the way action sports are captured.

By stitching together panoramic views, the new footage will be able to offer perspectives previously unimagined.

The Consumer Electronic Tradeshow is being held Jan. 6 through 9 and some are speculating that GoPro CEO Nick Woodman will be announcing more details then.

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