Jaybird unveils new sound tech for wireless earbuds

New Jaybird wireless earbuds

With its new Freedom and X3 models, Jaybird is hoping to revolutionize wireless earbuds. Photo: Courtesy of Jaybird

While Bluetooth and wireless speakers have been around for a while now, the technology behind them can still feel lacking. Promises of crystal-clear sound often ring hollow, and no matter what they say, companies sometimes fail to replicate the performance available with more-traditional audio technology.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, currently underway in Las Vegas, however, Jaybird is introducing a new type of wireless earbud that it hopes will revolutionize the industry.

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The Freedom ($199) is meant to be the smaller, sleeker of the two new earbud models Jaybird’s planning to release later this year, while the X3 ($159) will offer a “SignalPlus” Bluetooth antenna that will allow for a more secure Bluetooth connection.

While both will feature memory-foam tips and in-line remotes, what’s most notable about the earbuds is the new MySound app the company has developed for them.

Focused on making your listening experience unique to you, MySound will allow Android and iOS users to customize and save equalizer settings, which are then automatically synced to the earbuds. This means that if you’re looking for heavier bass, for example, you can program your earbuds to stay booming, offering close to studio-quality sound.

While the news is sure to have headphone fanatics salivating over the prospect of trying a pair, you’ll have to wait a while to get your hands on them: The X3 and Freedom won’t hit shelves until sometime in Q2 and Q3, respectively.

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