Kelly Slater puts his signature on camera packs

Kelly Slater x Incase

Kelly Slater teamed up with Incase to design a camera kit. Photo: Incase

Kelly Slater has been taking the fashion industry by storm with the launch of his clothing brand Outerknown last month, and the surfer has more up his sleeves.

In a new collaboration with Incase, Slater has put his signature, literally, on camera packs.

The Incase x Kelly Slater Action Camera kit is designed for GoPro users and outdoor enthusiasts in a collaboration between Slater and SURFER photographer Todd Glaser.

Kelly Slater x Incase

The Incase x Kelly Slater Action Camera Kit comes in a deep blue colorway feature Slater’s signature. Photo: Incase

The kit, designed in a deep blue colorway with Slater’s signature subtly displayed on accessories, comes with a protective GoPro cover, H2O GoPro mono kit, H2O GoPro accessory organizer and Action Camera Pro Pack.

The collab was made with GoPro users in mind. From various covers and cases to a sewn-in strap mount, GoPro enthusiasts will find the kit suitable for day trips to month-long adventures.

The pack’s many adjustable carry straps, easy-access pockets and compartments (including memory card slots and hidden rain cover pocket), makes it a cameraman’s best friend. Like other Incase designs, the collab pack also offers carry comfort with its padded straps and back compartment.

Kelly Slater x Incase

The new Incase x Kelly Slater Action Camera kit is designed for GoPro users and outdoor enthusiasts. Photo: Incase

As regular camera pack users know, the main compartment usually is a challenge when it comes to packing for easy access and so that fragile gear doesn’t end up smashed in the bottom of your pack.

This pack’s padded barrier walls do little to help, but the clear-case H2O GoPro accessory organizer (also good for cords and batteries) can bear a lot of the weight. It’s nylon sidewalls are key to strategic packing and make the accessory organizer the best of the kit.

Incase x Kelly Slater Action Camera kit is today online.

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