Kickstarter campaign looks to build solar power motorized hammock boat

Want to combine the relaxation of a hammock with the luxury of a boat ride, then why not put an electric motor powered by solar panels onto a raft with a hammock? Thankfully for all of us, a recent Kickstarter campaign is aiming to do as such.

It’s called the MelloShip and looks like it could be one of the most relaxing boat rides around. And it’s not as rigid as one would think, as it has plenty of options to customize it however you’d like. You can paddle it you can add two hammocks, you can steer it, the possibilities are endless.

Using pontoons, it’s also practically unflippable as well. If you donate $2,500 to the MelloShip Kickstarter campaign, you’ll get yourself one of the finished products (which are aiming June 2017 as a delivery date).

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While it doesn’t include a solar panel or electric motor, MelloShip will give you a rundown on the best options for those to help utilize it to the best of its abilities.

The MelloShip coming through with the mellow vibes.

The MelloShip coming through with the mellow vibes.

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