New foldable electric bike makes commuting easier

A new bike may change how we travel and commute.

The A-Bike Electric is a lightweight and rechargeable electric bike that folds into a small compact package.

Now, you can easily bring your bike with you anywhere you travel. It unfolds in 10 seconds, so you'll be ready to hit the road the minute you arrive.

Even commuting to work can be a breeze. The A-Bike travels up to 12.5 mph. Its rechargeable and detachable battery lasts for 15 miles, and even on low power still rides strong.

The A-Bike also makes traveling uphill easy. When it senses a decrease in speed, the A-Bike will pump more power to keep you moving.

A-Bike Electric is lightweight and compact

The A-Bike Electric is a rechargeable, lightweight bike that folds. Photo: A-Bike Electric Ltd

A-Bike Electric is lightweight and compact

The A-Bike Electric makes will increase its power output when it senses an irregular decrease in speed. Photo: A-Bike Electric Ltd

The original, award-winning concept was invented by Sir Clive Sinclair and designed by Alex Kalogroulis as a non-electric foldable bike. A-Bike Electric Ltd. launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund turning the concept into an electric one and distribute the product.

There are still 21 days left for the campaign and over $95,000 has already been raised.

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