New goggles help navigate open-water swims

OnCourse goggles

OnCourse goggles provide added navigation functions to a swim essential. Photo: OnCourse

Open water swimming can challenge even the most seasoned of triathletes — a conundrum that Kickstarter project OnCourse, aims to resolve.

During open-water swims, "sighting," or looking up for your buoy, is a challenge that more often than not slows a triathlete down.

OnCourse goggles contain an embedded high-precision electronic compass, accelerometer with tilt compensation, microprocessor, rechargeable battery and proprietary software loaded onto a flexible electronic circuit board that is embedded in the goggle shell. In other words, it’s a goggle with enough tech to help any swimmer navigate through the water.

A patent pending, point-and-click design allows an athlete to store a heading with the press of a button, that provides real-time feedback directly to the goggles through a small LED array in each eyepiece. Oh, and this technology also compensates for lateral currents of water and wind.

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