New Insta360 One camera amplifies the 360-video experience

Three-hundred-sixty-degree cameras are an amazing tool that you can use in a wide variety of situations, from virtual tours on travel websites to immersive VR headset experiences from the deepest corners of the globe to those simple snapshots of moments in your daily life that you just have to share with friends and family. These interactive images and videos are next level.

However, if you’ve ever dabbled in shooting and sharing these quirky files, you’ll know that they’re not the most intuitive when it comes to compatibility and shareability.

I had felt this way having toyed with a few 360-degree cameras in the past, so I was a little apprehensive when handed what I was told was “something different.”

Click and drag the photo below of surf filmmaker Taylor Steele at the “Proximity” art show premiere:

When I got my hands on the latest Insta360 ONE camera ($299), I was intrigued. It plugs directly into your phone and uploads photos right onto the app for extremely easy viewing and sharing.

Let the “likes” begin.

The Insta360 ONE shoots full 4K video and 24 megapixel photos, and the usability is amazing. It can be a standalone camera that’s operated by your phone via Bluetooth and the Insta360 app or you can plug it right into the charging port of your phone to turn it into a fully operational and highly intuitive 360-degree camera.

It also boasts impressive built-in six-axis image stabilization, meaning you can track your subject and keep the camera on the move while still maintaining a steady shot. It’s also got a feature called SmartTrack: You pick your preferred subject and the camera then automatically keeps that subject centered throughout the clip. This is particularly important when setting the camera up to self-record or shoot your friends on the move.

You can purchase the IP68 waterproof housing if water sports are your thing. It will protect your Insta360 ONE in up to 98.4 feet of water.

The Insta360 ONE also features a disappearing selfie-stick feature (sold separately), which essentially erases the stick from any shots you take, creating a very cool “flying camera” experience in your photos and videos.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on the 360-degree camera buzz, the Insta360 ONE just might be the perfect choice for stepping up your game (or even diving into the game for the first time).

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