Nike develops new wearable technology for the cold

After two years of development, sportswear giant Nike debuted new apparel solutions for cold weather: Therma-Sphere Max and soon to launch AeroReact.

Designed for cold weather training, Therma-Sphere Max fabric featuring a thermoregulating technology was developed to maintain your core internal temperature while allowing necessary heat to escape to avoid over heating.

“Thermoregulation is what happens when the temperature around us changes, and we respond to that change, maintaining the same core, internal temperature,” Nike outlined at the Heat Rises in New York press event Tuesday.

"When an athlete trains in cold temperatures without appropriate apparel, the body strives harder to maintain thermal balance, which impairs performance," Barry Spiering, the Director of Applied Apparel Research for the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab said in a release.

Therma-Sphere Max design provides breathability and lightweight insulation via a three-layer composite material that features raised-nodes (a kind of beehive pattern) situated within the back of the fabric that work to trap warm air close to the body in the same way a wetsuit holds water.

While the raised nodes trap in heat, the spacer thermal design allows your body heat to escape to help prevent overheating.

Additionally, the fabric contains a water-repellent coating aimed to insulate the wearer from more severe weather.

Therma-Sphere Max can be found in a men's training jacket and pant, and a women’s training vest.

According to Business Insider Australia, on Oct. 1, Nike plans to debut another training attire collection called AeroReact, which is responsive to body temperature, adjusting for optimum cool down.

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