Nike Fade goggles combine function with style

Nike Fade Goggles 2

Nike Fade goggles add functionality to design. Photo: Nike

Nike’s latest line of vision products include a collection of ski and snowboarding goggles, all of which feature sleek designs and functionality.

The Nike Fade Goggles in particular offer a range of entry-level functionality for those looking for something that meets all the basics.

The goggles are a medium to large frame fit, perfect mid-size lenses. And they come in a remarkable range of colors. There are more than a handful of colors between the lens and strap. Our favorite is the iridescent black 009.

Depending on the colorway, the goggles also come complete with two swappable lenses, one for bright and one for low light conditions making them great for easy riding at your local mountains.

Equipped with ThermaFit microfiber fleece, the goggles are soft, warm and insulating while its Engineered Durable Water Repellant mesh are moisture wicking and allow airflow to help eliminate fog.

Nike Fade Goggles (ask your local retailer for pricing)

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