Slick Stabilizer hopes to eliminate camera shake from your GoPro videos

Slick Stabilizer GoPro mount

Slick Stabilizer wants to help you take better GoPro videos. Photo: Slick

Tired of all your GoPro videos looking like they were taken during an earthquake? If so then you’re in luck: Slick Stabilizer promises to eliminate all that camera shake from your GoPro videos and have your homemade footage looking Hollywood smooth:

Slick is a motorized GoPro steadicam that can be attached to any GoPro mount and works to eliminate camera shake by using motors and senses across three motorized axes to make sure the yaw, pitch and roll of your GoPro remains level at all times. The company launched its Indiegogo campaign yesterday asking for $50,000 to help fund the venture and has already raised more than $93,000.

“Slick will bring your GoPro footage to the next level of quality,” said Thomas Agarete, the founder and creator of Slick, in a video announcing the launch. “Back us today and join the new GoPro experience.”

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Agarete developed the idea for Slick as a lifelong remote control aircraft enthusiast.

As a young, 16-year-old, he spent sleepless nights at his home in France trying to develop a system that could help him take smoother footage with his remote control aircrafts, and by age 21, he had created Slick. Now, as a 22-year-old engineering school graduate, he’s hoping to elevate the abilities of GoPro enthusiasts to the next level.

As seen by some of the side-by-side comparisons Agarete released with his Indiegogo campaign, Slick seems to work exceedingly well:

Not only does it eliminate the heavy shakes someone might experience while rattling down a mountain biking trail, but Slick is so fine-tuned, someone looking to create a smooth, hyperlapse video needs only to turn their GoPro backwards during a bike ride and speed up the footage:

Currently, Slick Stabilizer is available for pre-order for $179 on Indiegogo and will ship some time in March.

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