The Smith I/O 7 goggle is all about performance

SMITH I/O 7 goggle 2015 GTV Gift Guide

The Smith I/O 7 keeps its focus clearly on performance. Photo: Smith

As snow goggle technology has advanced, their designs have become more and more futuristic and, at times, outlandish. And with the advent of frameless goggles, that stylistic progression has only grown more pronounced.

Luckily for skiers, who aren’t trying to look like an extra from Star Trek on the mountain, but still want to be able to reap the benefits of new age goggle tech, the Smith I/O 7 ($199) goggle shies away from futuristic styling in favor of something much more basic: world-class performance.

While the I/O 7 features a modern rimless build, it integrates it into a more classic style, allowing you the maximum field of vision without looking ridiculous. And although looks are important, what’s more notable to skiers and snowboarders is performance, which is exactly where the I/O 7 shines.

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Featuring Smith's proprietary 5X Anti-Fog inner lens and AirEvac integration technology for increased ventilation, the I/O 7 is amazing at staving off fog build up, meaning you’ll be able to see the entire mountain even if you’re walking out of a steamy lodge into a bitter winter storm (or vice versa).

Plus, with it’s facial geometry frame, the I/O 7 provides an amazing fit at all times that prevents rogue pockets of wind from finding their way inside your goggle.

The only negative to the goggle is that despite advertising having a quick release lens change system, it’s not nearly as convenient as other lens change systems in modern goggles.

The I/O 7’s lens change system still requires skier and snowboarders to fumble with fitting the goggle lens into its thin rubber lens track, which can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re trying to do so with frigid fingers. But given the quality of the I/O 7 lens, it’s easy to overlook that minor issue.

Smith I/O 7 goggle ($199)

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