Sole Bicycles and Richer Poorer keep you looking good

As bicycle commuting continues to grow more and more popular, people are starting to realize that the bikes they ride are an extension of themselves. Sure, it’s fine to roll around on something you just bought off Craigslist, but you probably aren’t going to turn any heads.

Luckily, for the discerning cyclist, Sole Bicycles partnered up with the sock experts over at Richer Poorer to keep you looking fly while you’re out pedaling around town.

Their new collaboration, titled The Shoreline Frost ($399), draws inspiration from the California coastal holidays and can most accurately be described as an ice cream cone on wheels.

The bicycle’s white frame combines the classic style elements with the modern look of Richer Poorer’s ankle socks, meaning you can confidently cuff your pants while rolling through town.

And beyond its look, the pairing actually performs well also.

Sole Bicycles and Richer Poorer collaboration

Stop looking anything less than your best while out cycling. Photo: Sole Bicycles

Sole Bicycles and Richer Poorer collaboration

Richer Poorer makes sure your feet are comfy and stylish while pushing the pedals. Photo: Richer Poorer

The bike itself only weighs 26 pounds, so it’s anything but cumbersome, and despite it’s light frame it handles bumps in the road with surprising ease for an incredibly smooth ride. Plus, it can change between single-speed and fixed gear, giving you the flexibility to fit your cycling preference.

And, with the combination retailing for under $500, you’ll never have an excuse to look anything but your best while cycling.

The Shoreline Frost ($399)

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