Specialized Riprock lets kids get serious about mountain biking

Specialized Riprock

The Riprock will allow your kid to tear up the trails just like you do. Photo: Courtesy of Donn Maeda

If you can think way back to your childhood, perhaps the one refrain you heard most often from your parents (and the one that probably frustrated you more than anything else) was: “When you’re older.”

While children have all the ambition in the world, more often than not, the older generations err on the side of caution and safety, and sometimes tamper that enthusiasm.

You might have first heard it when trying to follow your father into the backcountry while skiing, or when you were to mimicking your older brother on his skateboard. But now, Specialized has done away with that ideology by introducing the Specialized Riprock -- an honest mountain bike for children with all the capabilities you’d expect to find on a full-size bike.

As detailed by TransWorld Motocross’ Editor-in-Chief Donn Maeda, the bike is beyond the less-than-ideal children’s bikes that have been marketed as “mountain bikes”:

The crew at Specialized bicycles just introduced its new Riprock kids’ MTB, and the new bikes fill a serious void in the market. A far cry from the cute toy bikes with knobby tires that have been marketed as MTBs in the past, the Riprock is a true scaled-down trail bike with big-bike abilities.

Available in two sizes -- one with 20-inch wheels and one with 24-inch -- the Riprock is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, a Suntour front fork with 70mm of travel, 1Ã--8 gearing and fat, 2.8-wide tires.

To read more about the Riprock, head over to TransWorld Motocross’ review of the bike. And remember, stop telling kids to wait until they’re older.

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