Spring/Summer Gear Guide: Osprey Mira AG 34

Osprey Mira AG

Osprey’s Mira AG 34 is lightweight and roomy enough for day hikes or quick overnights. Photo: Courtesy of Osprey Packs

I think I just fell in love. Osprey’s premium women’s daypack, the Mira AG, is fit, beautiful and clever as hell.

If you live in one of those places where it'd be kind to call the weather mercurial, you can appreciate the need to pack impermeables, extra food and burly down mittens — even on warm, sunny days when you’re only planning on spending a few hours in the wild.

If you happen to reside inside some sort of naturally climate-controlled bubble, you’re probably scratching your head and going, “WTF?” Either way, your hikes require sufficient water, so let’s start there.

Osprey Mira AG 2

Osprey’s Anti-Gravity suspension ensures comfort while exploring. Photo: Courtesy of Kelley Butler

Dehydration headaches and I are acquainted with vexing intimacy. Despite my best efforts, they’re always sneaking up behind me and whacking me over the head with the force of 6,000 Namibian desert horses. Just about the only way I’ve found to successfully fend them off is the constant ingestion of liquid.

Osprey’s Mira AG 34 ($175) is equipped for all of the above. It comes with a 2.5-liter reservoir, which fits into its own dedicated pocket and has enough space in its eight other compartments for layers and headlamps aplenty.

The 34-liter pack also claims to be able to hold 10 to 30 pounds comfortably.

Osprey Mira AG 3

Twenty-plus pounds on your back is no problem with the Mira AG. Photo: Courtesy of Kelley Butler

I loaded mine up with 20 pounds of provisions and thanks to Osprey’s AG (Anti-Gravity) suspension, my shoulders were spared the hardship that some other packs inflict when busting with supplies of questionable utility.

The Mira itself is also refreshingly light, weighing 2.67 to 2.78 pounds.

Mira’s Biostretch mesh harness, back panel and hip belt are not only breathable, they’re made specifically for women and they provide a contoured fit and vast range of motion.

Clambering over rocks and fallen trees (and frequently swatting at many-legged and winged creatures) was easy and comfortable, and the pack felt secure the entire time.

Osprey Mira AG magnet

It’s the little things. Photo: Courtesy of Kelley Butler

I’m going to be completely honest (and geeky) and tell you that of all of the crazy, high-tech features that Osprey has bestowed upon the Mira, my favorite is the magnet that clips the reservoir’s mouthpiece to the sternum strap.

Osprey Mira AG rain cover

The Mira AG comes with an integrated rain cover. Photo: Courtesy of Kelley Butler

It’s not just that magnet, though. It’s all of the tiny luxuries that could have easily been surrendered in the name of economy. With an integrated rain cover, the aforementioned hydration reservoir, a Stow-On-The-Go trekking pole attachment, helmet attachment loop, blinker light attachment, ergonomic zipper pulls and a pocket where you can stow your sunnies or phone without worrying about scratches, Osprey has made this pack a pleasure to haul. On top of that, it’s quite elegant.

Of course, since it’s constructed of 2100 High Tenacity Nylon, it’s also tough as nails – just like you.

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