Stella McCartney and Adidas go surfing

Photo courtesy of Adidas

Photo courtesy of Adidas

We'd almost given up on high-end designers borrowing elements of surfwear to create—you know—actual surfwear, Cynthia Rowley aside. But in comes Stella McCartney (yep, that McCartney) with her newest capsule collection for sportswear brand Adidas, and suddenly it feels like our long wait is over.


It's not McCartney's first rodeo with Adidas, as she's already designed shoes, shirts, jackets, bags, and pants for runners and tennis lovers, but this season she's expanded her collaborative collection to include performance pieces that cater to water athletes. There's the gray-blue and black spring wetsuit, the red neoprene pants with curved kneepad detailing, the bra-style bikini top with thick shoulder straps, and the sleek one-piece swimsuit with mesh panels and a watercolor parrot and flower print.


And then there's the standup paddleboard. Let us repeat: there's a Stella McCartney paddleboard out there, people. And it has parrots on it. The most appealing part of all of this is that the prices are actually affordable, albeit a bit splurgy. Hey, I'd rather drop some cash on a designer rash guard than a designer ring any day.

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