Surf leash doubles as tourniquet in the event of a shark attack

OMNA is releasing a surf leash that doubles as a tourniquet in the event of a shark attack or other life-threatening bleeding. The tourniquet is integrated into the ankle strap of the surf leash and, when needed, can be tightened and secured into place.

Most fatal shark attacks are caused by loss of blood, and OMNA is hoping an easy-to-use, military-style tourniquet can save lives and limbs, as well as surfboards.

OMNA's founder is Carson Henderson, a surfer and diver who served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the United States Marine Corps. "U.S. Army studies indicate that the use of tourniquets provides a 96 percent survival rate if placed above the wound before the onset of shock, as opposed to just 4 percent without," he says on his website.

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"Recent events in Australia, South Africa and North Carolina have again highlighted the need to have tourniquets accessible at all times, especially in the water."

The leash with inbuilt tourniquet. Photo by OMNA

The leash with the built-in potential lifesaver. Photo: OMNA

For other sports and activities, OMNA has also introduced the Amphibious Tourniquet, which can be worn on the body or attached to equipment being being Velcro'ed in place. The tourniquet's construction makes it well suited to tactical teams, beach/surf rescue and lifeguards.

Tourniquet prices range from $34.99 to $49.99 and they're available in different lengths and thicknesses.

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