Swap out beauty products for these 6 natural alternatives

Give your skin some all-natural love with these plant and food-based products. Photo via Shutterstock

Give your skin some all-natural love with these plant and food-based products. Skincare photo via Shutterstock

The holidays are a time of renewal, your makeup bag included. We tested out a bevy of skincare, hair care, and beauty products made from more organic and all-natural ingredients (read: ones you can actually pronounce) in an effort to clean up our beauty routine in time for the new year. Here are six winners sure to become your 2014 standbys.

Swap your mascara for:

Korres Volcanic Minerals volumizing mascara or Organic Pharmacy's OG mascara

It was a tie between these two eye enhancers, both of which coated our lashes in a rich, black, plumped-up formula that made our peepers pop. Korres mascara uses minerals from volcanic soil for pigmentation and it helps condition lashes with thyme extract and marine algae, while Organic Pharmacy's purposed beeswax and organic aloe to keep lashes soft. MSRP $20.95, theorganicpharmacy.com; $20, korresusa.com.

Swap your shampoo for:

Acure Pure Mint + Echinacea stem cell volumizing shampoo

The root cause of hair woes (no pun intended) is over-shampooing, which can strip hair of natural oils and cause seriously buildup on fragile strands. We loved how tingly this shampoo made our scalps feel and that it uses super foods like quinoa to support hair's natural building blocks. It's also the goody two-shoes of hair care: no parabens, no sulfates, gluten free, cruelty free, and vegan. MSRP $9.99, acureorganics.com.

Swap your nail polish for:

Zoya nail polish in Maria-Luisa

No nail polish is totally natural—then it wouldn't be nail polish. However, Zoya polishes are formulated to be quick drying and long wearing without toxic ingredients like formaldehyde and toluene. We love this gold sparkle topcoat for holiday parties. MSRP $8, zoya.com.

Swap your self-tanning lotion for:

Lavera Auto-Bronzant

Using self-tanner instead of baking in the sun is already a step in the right direction, so take a few more with this all-natural sunless tanning formula from Lavera. It's the recipient of numerous beauty awards and recruits moisturizing ingredients like macadamia nut oil, vitamin C, sunflower seed oil, and rose water. To top it off, it doesn't smell like a dentist's office like other formulas on the market—natural essential oils mask any residual odors. MSRP $32, lavera.com

Swap your foot scrub for:

ARCH Sole Savour Scrub

Created by a New York-based foot surgeon, this all-natural scrub, cream, and cuticle oil trio can bring even the most mangled feet back from the edge using pumice particles, rosehip seed powder, and essential oils that combat the bacteria that cause stinky foot. MSRP $20, drkristaarcher.com

Swap your moisturizer for:

Kahina Facial lotion

The price is a little steep, but you get what you pay for in this highly concentrated miracle worker. Made with a combination of 100 percent organic argan oil, shea butter, organic beeswax, and Japanese honeysuckle extract, this silky formula makes your skin look like it had a well rested holiday on a tropical island—even if you spend Christmas watching reruns of “Home Alone.” MSRP $40 to $62, kahina-givingbeauty.com

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