Take a hike with the Freaker bottle insulator


Photo by Ryan Kemp

You bring it everywhere—to the gym, to the park, out to eat, to your sister's baby shower—everywhere. Let's face it, you love your water bottle. But what you don't love is how frosty the dang thing gets when you fill it up with ice water. Thankfully Liberty Bottleworks and Freaker USA have our backs, and an answer to the cold container conundrum, with the Freaker bottle insulator. With a design similar to a sock that had the toe cut out of it, the Freaker is a cotton insulator that fits over most any water bottle and provides a layer in between your hand and the frigid metal on your bottle.

I gave the Freaker a test spin on a recent hike in the Issaquah Alps of Washington. Our 9-mile out-and-back jaunt on Poo Poo Point Trail (get the giggles out now ladies and gents) featured rapidly changing conditions that made me glad I had the Freaker. What started as a warm hike through mossy forest quickly changed over to a snowy glade trek as we gained elevation. While it wasn't dangerously cold, extremities became very uncomfortable and carrying a water bottle suddenly didn't seem like the most fun idea. Luckily, the Freaker's simple cotton insulation kept my hands warm and my water cold. I couldn't help but think of how helpful the Freaker would be in any alpine situation, especially out on a backcountry ski adventure. Risking a cold exposed hand when the temperature really dips can be dangerous, but with a Freaker layer on my bottle I could get some water quickly without risking chilling my hand too much—an essential advantage to have up high.

My only worry would be using it when conditions are wet. The layer seems like it would hold a lot of water, which would make it not only miserable to carry, but heavy as well. It also is a little difficult to keep still while unscrewing the cap, so if it were wet, this might be even more difficult. However, the Freaker is a smart addition for anyone active in cold and dry climates, making it a perfect tool for backcountry skiers and canyon hikers everywhere. For warm hands and cool water bottles, the Freaker is where it's at.