The 360fly is the 360 camera anyone can use

You may have noticed an influx of virtual reality videos this year. Now that you can do everything from surfing Teahupoo to climbing Everest through the magic of virtual reality, 360 degree cameras have positioned themselves as the future of videography. And no 360 degree camera is easier to use than the 360fly ($399).

Capitalizing on a one-button interface, the 360fly is incredibly easy to operate. With a heavy emphasis placed on its mobile app, the 360fly allows you to capture, edit, and share 360 degree videos to YouTube straight from your phone with little effort.

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Plus, the camera itself is slightly smaller than a cue ball and completely waterproof and shockproof, so it can be taken anywhere. And, unlike a GoPro camera, you don’t have to worry about finding the best shot: The 360fly will capture it all in immersive HD video that lets you relive your recorded moments to their fullest extent.

The 360fly camera

The 360fly allows you to shoot and share 360 degrees of HD video with a one-button interface. Photo: 360fly

With all that said, there are a few small issues that make the performance of the 360fly not completely seamless.

Due to its design, the microphone is useless if it’s raining or used underwater, and while the 1080p video is still high definition, it’s not the mind-blowing 4k quality that other traditional cameras offer.

Still, when combined with its ease of use and dependability, and the fact that it allows you to experience your videos in virtual reality, the 360fly is well worth its price.

The 360fly camera ($399)

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