The Bübi is a collapsible bottle made for more than water in mind


The Bübi is a new bottle you’ll want to carry. Photo: Bübi

When you’re outdoors, water bottles are essential but also bulky, heavy and not at all fun to carry.

But not all canteens are equal.

This pliable water bottle makes packing it a dream. Photo: Bubi

This pliable water bottle makes packing it a dream. Photo: Bubi

The Bübi is a collapsible bottle perfect to carry even when empty. Plus, it doubles as a waterproof container.

Scrunchable, the Bübi can quite literally roll up. Pliable beyond reason, the bottle is made of medical-grade silicon, that when empty, collapses on itself allowing you to roll one end toward the other.

This genius design incorporates a metal ring that cleverly secures the squishy mass, making it pocket-sized.

Additionally, the Bübi is BPA-free, mold-resistant, reversible (makes cleaning easy), microwave and freezer safe (hot or cold pack anyone?). And with its lid on, the Bübi completely seals in its contents, à la a dry bag to protect cell phones, matches, first-aid supplies and whatever else will fit.

The bottle comes in 14- and 22-ounce sizes, with optional accessories that include a screw-on sports/sippy lid and a "hatch" insulation sleeve.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a genie in a bottle, the Bübi runs a close second. Find out more on Bübi’s website.

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