The Globe GSB Blazer brings the party wherever you skate

When the Globe GSB Blazer skateboard arrived at my desk for review, my coworkers all had the same basic question upon its unboxing: Is that a freaking speaker in the deck?

The answer, to all their awestruck inquiries, is yes, that is a freaking speaker in the deck.

Collaboratively designed with Boombotix, the Globe GSB Blazer ($249) is the world’s first skateboard built with an integrated Bluetooth wireless speaker. And, somewhat to my surprise, the board isn’t just some niche idea: The board skates well, and the speaker bumps.

According to Globe, its built-in speaker gives riders freedom from headphones, theoretically freeing up their movements and giving them the ability to skate without earbuds tangling or blocking out the sounds of, say, oncoming traffic.

Globe GSB Blazer skateboard

The Globe GSB Blazer eliminates the need for you to lug the cumbersome ghetto blaster of yours down to the beach. Photo: Courtesy of Globe

But, growing up just north of New York City, and having listened to numerous people blast music openly in subway cars, I thought subjecting the general public to my listening tendencies seemed cruel.

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Rather, I used the board as a convenient party-starter. Taking a skate down to my local beach to meet up with friends for volleyball no longer required lugging around some oversized boom box. Instead, I just hopped off my board, planted its tail in the sand and had music for hours. (Its battery can play music at 70 percent volume for six hours.)

And as far as its ride goes, the Blazer was more than adequate. The 26-inch deck sits so high and turns so steeply that you naturally worry about wheel bite, but cutouts above the wheels allow you to skate as freely as you’d like. And while the bearings it comes with aren’t the greatest, the ones on complete decks are almost never worth writing home about, so that’s an easy fault to overlook for the convenience it brings.

Plus, as you might have heard, it has a freaking speaker in the deck.

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