The most successful Kickstarter clothing campaign is for a travel jacket

Travelers have supported the Kickstarter campaign for the BauBax Travel Jacket in record numbers, helping the product raise over $7.5 million in under a month to become the most successful clothing campaign ever launched on the site.

Marketed as the jacket that “You’ve always needed but never existed” the BauBax Travel Jacket comes in four separate styles (sweatshirt, bomber, windbreaker and blazer) and offers 15 unique compartments and features to make traveling easier.

Those 15 aspects range from an inflatable neck pillow and a hood that be turned into an eye mask to a passport holder and an earphone holder.

BauBax Travel Jacket most successful Kickstarter ever

The BauBax Travel Jacket’s promise to eliminate the hassle of traveling has helped it become the most successful clothing campaign ever on the Kickstarter website. Photo: Kickstarter

BauBax Travel Jacket most successful Kickstarter ever

Offering 15 specialized details, the BauBax is the Swiss army knife of travel jackets. Photo: Kickstarter

Originally asking for $20,000 in funding, the BauBax Travel Jacket has received support from over 38,000 backers and raised over 385 times the amount of money originally sought.

Prices for the jacket vary. Given its popularity, many of the special pricing offers unique to Kickstarter have already sold out. In the future, prices will range from the sweatshirt model at $160 to the blazer model at $200. Pre-orders will ship by November.

More details are available on company’s Kickstarter page.

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