The OtterBox Venture 45 is the ultimate summer cooler

With summertime in full swing, it’s all about getting outdoors and soaking in some nature. And what better way to do so than to hit the campground, backcountry, beach or even your local park?

Wherever you decide to breathe in some fresh air, you’re definitely going to need provisions.

The bottle-opener accessory means one less thing you might forget while packing. Photo: Courtesy of OtterBox

Nobody likes melted ice and soggy produce. A solid cooler will never fail to keep your veggies fresh and beer cold, and it also provides limitless possibilities as to the other types of perishables you can pack for your day (or weekend) outdoors. It’s something you don’t want to skimp on.

Thankfully, your favorite phone-case company now makes top-of-the-line coolers. Enter the OtterBox Venture 45 ($349.99).

Why we chose it

The quality of the Venture 45 is next level. Photo: Courtesy of OtterBox

We simply wanted a sturdy, reliable weekend cooler for our local camping trips with the kiddos, so the Venture 45 (as in “45-quart capacity”) fit the bill. We didn’t need anything massive — just something large enough to hold our hot dogs/hamburgers, milk/water, veggies and (of course) beer.

And with OtterBox’s sterling reputation in the durable, weatherproof phone-case game, we were immediately intrigued by their new line of coolers. At first glance, they looked like just what we were after.

Why we liked it

Accessories for the Venture include a bottle opener, dry-storage tray and more. Photo: Courtesy of Otterbox

The Venture 45 is as rugged and well built as any other cooler we’ve seen on the market, and the ergonomics of its design are simple and clean — in a very good way. You have the option to add accessories such as a side table, cup holders, bottle opener, cutting board, locking kit and more, which truly make this cooler a do-it-all outdoor necessity.

OtterBox claims that with 2-inch refrigerator-grade insulating foam, the Venture 45 keeps ice for up to 14 days (no, that’s not a typo). While we weren’t off the grid for that long, we can certainly vouch for the cooler’s capacity for keeping ice frozen and all of our food and beverages fresh and icy cold.

Tester tip

The Venture is OtterBox’s first cooler offering. Photo: Courtesy of Otterbox

While the accessories that OtterBox offers are indeed optional, we would encourage you to at least purchase the side table (which comes with a great cutting board and features a triple cup holder), the locking kit and (for obvious reasons) the bottle opener.

These three things made our lives so much easier when cutting food, and we appreciated the additional “countertop” space and beverage storage. There’s also something to be said for the peace of mind of being able to lock your food when heading out to the water or on a hike.

Lastly, OtterBox clearly demonstrates the Venture’s durability, just for good measure:

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