DeFUNKit takes the stink out of workout gear


DeFUNKit helps keep workout clothes fresher longer. Photo: Twenty20

Workout gear has the tendency to get pretty stinky after a while. Synthetic fabrics tend to smell bad more quickly because bacteria clings to them easier than it does to wool.

Enter deFUNKit. It’s a laundry detergent that keeps the stink away for longer, meaning less washes for adventure gear.

It takes away the mildewy smell that tends to linger on synthetic fabrics after they get old. Not only does it take the smell out, it prevents the smell from coming back after one wear.


DeFUNKit can treat about four to five excercise pieces. Photo: Courtesy of deFUNKit

The detergent was developed at the University of Oregon, and we like to imagine that it was tested over multiple backpack and snowboard trips in the mountains.

First, you use the washing detergent which removes the smell. You then add the protectant which prevents the smell from coming back.

Your exercise clothes will be good to go for multiple wears meaning the only thing you’ll smell on a long backpack excursion will be the great outdoors.

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