Reviewing needESSENTIALS Long Arm Spring in New York’s cooler temps

About this time of year, the Northeast is graced with what we call "locals’ summer." Everyone who flocks to spend the summer at the beach is gone, and the empty beaches and lineups belong to the ones who live there.

It’s also the time when we can enjoy the last gasps of summer weather before the cold sets in. On the East Coast, this coincides with hurricane season, which tends to give us some of the best surf we get, with water temps still in the low 70s.

The needESSENTIALS long-sleeve springsuit. Photo: Ryan Brower

It’s crucial for a Northeast surfer to have a quiver of wetsuits. But no wetsuit will get more use this time of year than the trusted long-sleeve springsuit. It’s ideal for cooler air temperatures when the water is still warm, giving you warmth but still maintaining flexibility.

No-frills wetsuit maker needESSENTIALS has totally dialed in their 2mm Long Arm Spring ($110), which we tested during a September session at Rockaway.

With glued and blind-stitched seams, the Long Arm Spring will keep out the wind and chill of 60- and 70-degree air for marathon sessions. It’s a chest zip, which is perfect for those of us who prefer not to have to reach behind to unzip and peel our wetsuit off our shoulders.

You need more chest-zip wetsuits in your life. Photo: Courtesy of needESSENTIALS

needESSENTIALS is new to the wetsuit game, offering a minimalist approach to surfwear that’s refreshing to see among the flashy, bright colorways in the lineup these days. needESSENTIALS suits are all black, no logos, no hang tags — just quality neoprene wetsuits.

“At needESSENTIALS, we stripped away everything that doesn’t contribute to a product performing at its highest level, and we took a new approach to how you buy your wetsuit to ensure your hard-earned dollar goes further than it ever has,” brand representative JP Collett told GrindTV.

The needESSENTIALS long-sleeve springsuit. Photo: Courtesy of needESSENTIALS

The subtleties of their suits bring the focus back to the surfing and away from what we wear while surfing. And they obviously back up that sentiment with a quality suit that looks to stand up to the rigors of ocean use like other brands, all at a very affordable price point.

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