To charge and protect: the Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO


One iPhone case to rule them all. Photo: Mophie

Extra battery life AND waterproof protection for your iPhone? Mophie has made that dream a reality.

Though one could argue that that kind of double-duty is overkill, especially since whoever’s really on the water long enough to run through an entire battery, but the protection is for more than just aquatic submersion.

For someone as accident-prone as I am, having comprehensive protection for my iPhone has always been a major issue. Not only are those heavy-duty cases expensive, but they limit my ability to listen to music easily or charge up my iPhone with an extra battery pack. So, to find a case that does both (without any bulky cables or overheating battery units) feels a bit like a Holy Grail find.

The Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO is comparable in price to those other waterproof cases, but it provides more than 100 percent extra battery when you need it most.

For the accident-prone outdoorsman or woman in your life, this is the perfect gift this holiday.

Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO ($129.95)

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