The little solar charger that can save your life

Whether you’re camping or just taking a hike, the WakaWaka Power+ is the perfect companion for those long trips off the grid.

The solar charger can power up a dead phone in less about 2 hours. It’s USB connectivity also lets you charge up any portable device. We powered up a dead speaker in less than an hour, a basic point-and-shoot camera in less than 40 minutes and a mini drill battery in less than 30.

And if you’re not in need for some extra power, the WakaWaka Power+ doubles as a light source. Equipped with two LED lights, the WakaWaka Power+ has four different light settings: five to 75 lumen. It’s lighting system includes a SOS beacon, which can come handy even when not in remote areas. We keep one in our cars just in case of emergencies.

WakaWaka Power+ solar charger

The WakaWaka Power+ is a compact solar charger perfect for when you’re taking some time off the gird. Photo: WakaWaka

WakaWaka Power+ solar charger

The WakaWaka Power+ will charge any phone or provide up to 150 hours of bright light. Photo: WakaWaka

The WakaWaka Power+’s one-touch operating button can be a tad confusing at first, but luckily it’s nifty package, which looks like a book, has all the instructions you need. Tap once to check the battery status; twice, thrice, four or five times to select a lighting option; and six times to turn off.

The battery charges in about 12 hours with in good sunlight. And it’s built-in stand allows the WakaWaka Power+ to be positioned on the ground, in the air (hanging) and on top of a water bottle to ease of charging.

It’s also super light and compact, perfect for shoving in a bag or back pocket.

WakaWaka Power+ ($79)

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